A word from our Worshipful Master…


2019 marks my second time in the East as Master of this wonderful Lodge. If I were to say I am humbled to be elected to the Ornamental Chair for another year, it would be a gross understatement. There is much I hope to accomplish this year. To do this, I will need the guidance of the Grand Architect, the dedication of our Officers, and most importantly, the support of the Brethren.

I want you to notice a critical change that I am instituting. Starting immediately, we will still open lodge at 7:30 pm as our bylaws dictate, but we will table all business at precisely 7:55 pm. At this time, if the program allows we will go to refreshment. All programs will be conducted from 8 pm to 9 pm, degree nights excluded. At 9 pm on non-degree nights, we will then go back to Labor to complete any business that remains and then close Lodge. Additionally, on all business meeting nights, we will be having a voluntary dinner at The Corner Pug beginning at 6:00 pm. On degree nights we will have dinner at the Lodge.

The thinking behind this decision is that I want Brothers to come to the Lodge to join in fellowship and education. If you would like to only come to the dinner or the program, please do so without hesitation. If you wish to go to the entire meeting, do that as well. The hope is that this will allow Brothers to come to the portion of our meetings that they find most valuable and also ensure brothers can plan their evenings.

Lastly, Brothers, I want you to be aware that our Brother, RWB Melvin E. Johnson will be installed as the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut on April 8, 2019. I call all Brothers of WSJ No.4 to attend the 230th Grand Lodge of Connecticut to support our Brother. The Grand Lodge dinner will be on April 7, and likewise, I call on all Brothers of WSJ No.4 to attend. There will be some additional events throughout the year related to this event. Please be on the lookout for notification of these events via email, mail, and phone.

Brothers, if you haven’t been to lodge recently, I ask you to come back soon. Please do not let the embarrassment of time preclude you from taking part in our lodge. We have much to do this year, and I request your assistance in making 2019 one of the most memorable years in the long history of Wyllys-St. Johns Lodge No. 4.

With Brotherly Love & Affection,

Carl R. Johnson